Why add PTFE Teflon to Your Machine? – Scayl

Why add PTFE Teflon to Your Machine?

If packing within 0.2g accuracy, 35% faster than hand packing was not enough, our totally versatile machines are continually improving...

During the lockdown, our mechanical experts focused on ways to improve our machines and offer new features to customers packing ingredients that were more susceptible to clogging, like fine powders with some moisture present. Under vibration and heavy head pressure in the hopper, the fine particles are packed together which slows the machine down.

Partnering alongside Fothergill Coated Fabrics, we’re now offering an additional feature to our machines, not only to erase the problem but also, to improve the efficiency tenfold. You now have the choice to upgrade your machines to be coated with food-grade PTFE.

This is a material lining that protects the machine from finer powder, whilst reducing friction between the product and the machine, allowing it to slide by.

Scientifically designed to have the lowest drag coefficient of friction of any solid material. Not only is this fantastic new addition to our machines a fast-sticking adhesive, but it is also a 100% non-toxic material! Meaning that it is ideal for those using our machines within the food industry. 

The coating can be easily cleaned and removed, and whilst it was designed for ingredients that can clog, our testing with other ingredients like tea and coffee is proving that it really helps speed them up too. 

Prices start at £199.99 full fitted, for more information click here