Introducing the Seal™ 1000

We've been busy bees here at SCAYL HQ,  tying up a new partnership with industry giants PFM, visiting customers on the road and even finding the time to launch a brand new product!

On that note, we are super excited to announce the launch of the Seal™ 1000, a brand new category for SCAYL and movement towards offering our customers a complete end-to-end packing solution.

Our growing sales team gets to speak to hundreds of potential new customers every week and increasingly we discovered that sealing the packaging, our trusty Phil range dispensed into, was a problem that needed a solution.

Most of our customers used manual sealing machines to heat seal their packaging, which added unnecessary time to the production process. We even had some customers using hair straighteners!

Our latest introduction to the range, the Seal™ 1000, takes that pain away and gives businesses stacks of time back to grow their brands. The continuous automatic sealer can seal an incredible 24m of packaging every minute thanks to the bronze heating and cooling mechanism.

All you do is load your filled bag into the sealers feeder and it will move the bag along the travel belt, sealing it and cooling it, before spitting it out the other side. The machine is totally versatile and can work with a wide variety of bag materials, shapes and sizes. One feature we really love is the embossing tool, which is included, allowing you to emboss a date, batch number or even quirky message onto each sealed bag.

Find out more about the Seal™ 1000 here