Day In The Life Of a Gourmet Tea Business

Day In The Life Of a Gourmet Tea Business


An Average Morning At BRUU.

When we all arrive in the office at the centre of our historic market town, we collectively head up the stairs to prepare for a good old Monday morning meeting. This ranges from learning about our personality traits to doing fun activities such as writing a letter to your future self. A fan favourite in the Monday morning meeting is our gratitude messages. You write down a few things on some cards throughout the week disclosing what other employees have achieved and post them through the in house letterbox for them to be read out in the meeting.

Our Monday morning meetings are religiously followed by a “BOOM TIME”. Now you may be wondering what a “boom time” is? If your company doesn’t have them, you are truly missing out. Imagine a 20-30 minute break from work to do some of the funniest activities. For example, some of our most recent boom times consist of games, heads up, creating Christmas decorations, bumper cars and a nerf war. YES, a nerf war.

Content Creation & Lunch

After our burst of good fun, in the marketing department, it’s time to make some content, BRUU strives for creativity and that’s reflected in our social media. Today we are making “Russian Bruulette” each employee picks a random tea in the hopes of avoiding the feared “Chai-Fire” however some people became rather unfortunate with no choice but to drink the spiciest and hot BRUU on our menu.

Lunchtime comes around very fast and here at BRUU we are blessed by a local selection of delicious food providers, however, today is GRUB CLUB. The monthly Grub Club is essentially where an employee cooks for the office. Today’s grub club vote went on curry, and it was amazing, but it was even better eating with the full team.

What Does The Work Look Like?

It’s back to work and time for a trip to the warehouse to collect some tea boxes, It would also be rude to not have a game of table tennis up there. Oh, did I forget to mention? We have a table tennis table in our warehouse. Once we are up there, we say hello to our warehouse manager Joe and collect our BRUU boxes in preparation for dispatch day. One of the most fun days of the month.

Preparation begins back at the office by printing out shipping labels and crafting up some BRUU boxes. Once we complete this most of us tend to be a bit peckish. Food varies at dispatch night from toasties, kebabs, and chips but tonight we picked PIZZA. This made me realise I work with a strange bunch, Ham & Pineapple on a pizza … It’s a no for me. 

Speeding Up The Work Load.

Swiftly after, we set out each person's role, tonight in dispatch Dan the PA and Greg from Customer Service are geared up on the plug-and-play “Scayl” machine. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t require any training. Since having the machine, it took our dispatch nights from 5pm – 8:30pm to 5pm – 7 pm. Which makes it a winner here at BRUU.

We finish up and place our last labels on the BRUU boxes and call it a night ready for postage the next day. We hope you enjoyed our day in the life of a Gourmet Tea Company.