pack your product faster

With our dedicated range of packing and sealing machines for patsa products.


With our packing and sealing machines we can speed up your production by over 40%


On average, our machines cover their own costs within 3-6 months, with the time you save on production.

TRusted by Cooks

Our machines are used by the cooks all over the world who rely on them for pasta production.


Our machines work right out of the box, just plug them in and go!

Empaquetadora de pasta RECOMENDADA

Vendemos una gama de máquinas de llenado y pesaje de pasta específicamente para la industria de la pasta. Simplemente cargue su pasta en la tolva superior, configure el peso deseado y nuestra máquina llenadora dispensará la cantidad exacta en su empaque preferido hasta que le indique que se detenga. Son fáciles de usar, no requieren mantenimiento y funcionan desde el primer momento.

Máquina de sellado de pasta RECOMENDADA

Una vez que su pasta ha sido empacada, ¿es necesario sellar esas bolsas? Te tenemos cubierto. Nuestra gama de máquinas selladoras de pasta ofrece sellado vertical y sellado horizontal. Una máquina de termosellado continuo mantiene la pasta fresca durante más tiempo y le da a su producto un acabado limpio y profesional. Simplemente cargue su bolsa en la máquina y se moverá a lo largo de la banda proporcionando un termosellado continuo a más de 24 metros por minuto.

Packing and Sealing Machines for Pasta

Packing and Sealing Machines for Pasta
Our range of pasta sealing and pasta packing machines are built specifically for the pasta industry. We sell our machines to customers all over the world to help them speed up their pasta production.

When starting a pasta company, most owners don't invest in machinery from the outset, instead packing their pasta ingredients by hand. As they begin to grow this method is not scalable and this is where our range of pasta filling machines and continuous heat sealing machines come in.

Dozens of companies using our pasta weight packing machines and sealers are already benefitting from:

★ Increased productivity levels.
★ Streamlined packing processes.
 Less wastage
★ Speedy return on investment – less than 3 months in many cases.

Discover your potential savings with our Return on Investment calculator.