Day In The Life Of A Sweetshop

Day In The Life Of A Sweetshop


Here at Scayl, we provide efficient solutions to a whole variety of businesses, one of which is sweet shops. In this blog, we will cover “a day in the life of a sweet shop” where Natalie from “daffydowndilly” kindly answered some questions regarding their company…

What made you start a confectionery business ?

We are super lucky to be based in Sidmouth, a beautiful Devon seaside town so we had a good look round to see what was missing from the High Street a whole 9 years ago now and settled on confectioners. From the get-go we wanted to put together a professional, happy, quality store that would work just as well online as in the High Street and would be a fun, busy and enjoyable environment for our team members and customers alike.

What does an average morning look like at @daffydowndilly

We start early :) I try not to check orders and emails before breakfast but am not usually disciplined enough to leave them till I get to the office! 

So it's a quick hello, kettle and music on and on we crack on packing and fulfilling orders. These days we are really focussed on our E-Commerce and wholesale work so it's all hands on deck to make sure orders are packed and dispatched as speedily as possible so our customers can enjoy them! 

What’s on the lunch menu?

As a food business, lunch is super important to us :) So we try to have something pretty healthy - jacket potatoes are usually top choice - as there's always tempting and delicious new products to try for pudding! It's a great time to catch up and check in on each other. 

How does your team bond ?

We are a really well established team so well used to each other's funny little ways! Because we have known each other for so long we have super comfortable relationships that make work a complete joy. Our kids are at the same village school too so that really helps, until work giggles are still happening at parents evening of course :) 

We don't really have a hierarchical system at Team Daffy, so everyone chips in ideas and works alongside one another which really helps to make sure everyone feels important and valued, and the Christmas party is famous - not least as Christmas is such a busy time for us we usually have it in March! 

What are your 3 star products and why ?

Our best products? Oh my goodness, that's hard - we've honed our range and suppliers over the years so they're all top of their game! 

Our bestselling lines are without doubt Milk and Dark Chocolate Brazils, and not just for Christmas either! They are just the most consistently delicious and quality Brazil nut we have found and our customers love them too!

We're just designing our 2023 Easter offering which is something we are all very proud of and confident it will be 5*. Can't tell you what it is just yet as we're photographing it just now ready for launch but this one is worth checking out! 

For our wholesale customers it's our pick and mix grab bags all day long - quality sweets that are visually appealing and exciting too helps sales to consistently exceed expectations.  

What’s your packing order process?

So organisation is key to our packing process. We have many channels to pack for so have to be on the ball! Orders come in all day (and night too) so we have to be quick and efficient.

For the last year, we have been using a Scayl Phil 5000 Duo and without doubt this has transformed the speed and accuracy of our sweet bag packing... no more filling bags by hand and measuring them individually for us.

Lots of our wholesale customers have their orders packed with their own branding on so applying these labels and details of ingredients etc. is next before the bags of yummy sweets are heat sealed to ensure freshness and packed in boxes ready for dispatch.

To sum it up - We're a close knit team with ambition and lots of quality sweets!