PHIL™ 2500 Bundles

With a powerful motor and ample hopper capacity, Phil 2500™ accelerates packing, saving time, reducing waste, and enhancing accuracy. Achieve rapid ROI, often within the first month. Don't miss our exclusive discount bundle for a smarter packing solution!

PHIL™ 5000 Bundles

Meet Phil™ 5000: Perfect for large-scale dry packing. Boost speed, cut waste, enhance accuracy, and reduce contaminants. Rapid ROI, plus exclusive bundle discounts available now! Elevate your packing process with Phil™ 5000!

PHIL™ 5000 Duo Bundles

The ultimate filling machine for larger companies packing dry ingredients up to 10kg at exceptional speed. Double motors, weigh-heads, and increased hopper capacity ensure unparalleled efficiency for those seeking a faster packing solution.

scayl sale
february bundles

We made a conscious decision not to run this promotion in January, understanding that our valued customer base typically takes January to recharge after a bustling peak period.

Recognizing the importance of this recovery time, especially for our smaller customers, we decided to pause our January sale. We respect that January serves as a crucial period for catching up, preparing for the upcoming year, or simply taking a well-deserved break.

By shifting our focus to February, we aim to provide our customers with a more opportune moment to evaluate their needs and gear up for the challenges and opportunities of 2024.

Our bundle deals are thoughtfully curated to align perfectly with each stage of your business's growth.