Frequently Asked Questions

Guiding You Through Scayl's Free Product Trial Process for Packing and Sealing Machines

★ Initiating the Journey 

To start, please complete the form with your company details. This enables us to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs effectively.

★ Coordinating Product Testing

We'll work closely with you to arrange for your products to be sent to our testing facility in the UK. This ensures that we can conduct thorough evaluations in a controlled environment.

★ Determining Quantity for Accuracy

Together, we'll work out the best quantity of products to send for testing, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in our assessments.

★ The Testing Process

Once your products arrive, we'll subject them to rigorous testing on a variety of machines. Our goal is to ensure that the solutions we offer meet your specifications and budget requirements.

★ Feedback and Recommendations

After completing the tests, we'll provide you with a personalised product video showcasing the performance of your products on our machines. Additionally, we'll offer recommendations based on the results to help you make informed decisions.

★ Transparent Pricing

Following the testing phase, we'll provide you with a detailed quote. However, transparency is important to us, so we're always available to provide approximate costs at any stage of the process.

Read about our Transparent Pricing Policy 

Throughout this journey, our team is dedicated to providing you with personalised support and guidance to ensure that you have a seamless experience with Scayl's packing and sealing machines.