8 Things to Consider when Packing Food Products

8 Things to Consider when Packing Food Products


In the ever-evolving world of food packaging, precision and integrity are non-negotiable. The right packaging solutions ensure food safety and freshness, enhancing the consumer experience. In this blog, we explore packing machinery and sealing techniques, offering expert tips to improve your food packaging.


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At Scayl, we are committed to helping your business succeed. We provide environmentally friendly high - quality food packaging machines. Our products are sustainable and help reduce food waste. Here are some tips we would advise you;


1. Product-Specific Packaging

Consideration - Different food items have unique packaging requirements based on factors such as moisture sensitivity, fragility, and shelf life.

Tip -  You should think about investing in packaging machinery. This machinery should offer a variety of flexible packaging options. Customizing these options are important to suit the unique requirements of each food product.

2. Sealing Technology for Freshness

Consideration - The type of sealing technology used directly impacts the freshness and shelf life of perishable items. Using machinery such as the Pro Seal Vertical guarantees a reliable seal every time. 

Tip - Select advanced sealing machines that use vacuum sealing or modified atmosphere packaging to keep products fresh for longer.

3. Hygiene and Sanitizing Standards

Consideration - Maintaining high levels of hygiene is paramount in food packaging to prevent the spread of harmful chemicals.

Tip - Choose packing machinery with easy-to-clean surfaces and incorporate sanitation protocols into your packaging processes.

4. Compliance with Food Safety Regulations

Consideration - Adherence to food safety regulations is crucial for consumer trust and legal compliance.

Tip - Ensure that your packing machinery meets industry standards and regularly update your processes to align with evolving regulations.

5. Sustainable Packaging Practices

Consideration - Sustainable packaging is gaining importance in the food industry to address environmental concerns.

Tip - Invest in eco-friendly packaging materials and machinery that supports eco-friendly initiatives, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

6. Adapt to change for Diverse Products

Consideration - Food businesses often deal with a variety of products, each with its own packaging needs.

Tip - Select packing machines that can handle various packaging types and materials to package a wide range of products.

7. Precision Weighing and Portion Control

Consideration - Accurate weighing and portion control are critical, especially in industries such as bakeries and Confections.

Tip - Invest in packing machinery equipped with precision weighing systems to ensure consistency and meet portion control requirements.

8. User Training and Support

Consideration - Effective use of packing machinery requires trained personnel.

Tip - Prioritize comprehensive training for your team and ensure that your machinery supplier offers ongoing support and resources.


Success in the food packaging industry relies on the perfect combination of advanced packaging machinery and expert sealing techniques.

This blog offers tips and considerations for small businesses looking to improve their packaging strategy. The tips include customized packaging solutions, advanced sealing technologies, and sustainable practices. The goal is to maintain the quality of your food products and make your brand stand out in a competitive market.

Learn how Scayl's packaging solutions and sealing machines can enhance your packaging process and make you more competitive. Embrace the accuracy of packing and sealing to improve your food packaging quality. Elevate your food packaging processes to new levels with Scayl's technology.

Stand out in the market by utilizing Scayl's innovative solutions. Improve your food packaging by focusing on accurate packing and sealing techniques.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact our excellent customer service team at Scayl. They are available to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Feel free to contact us for assistance or additional information. 

Check out our video to see a demonstration of how our machines efficiently pack a bag with sweet products. Lin vs Sweets