What are Labelling and Printing Machines?

What are Labelling and Printing Machines?


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Labelling machines come in various types, each with distinct technical capabilities and methods of label application. Understanding these options can help you choose the right machine for your specific needs.

Label Dispensers

Label dispensers specialize in applying pre-printed labels onto packaging and products. They are ideal for businesses that require the application of labels produced by another machine. With efficient dispensing mechanisms, these machines ensure accurate placement of labels, streamlining your labelling process.

Label Printers and Dispensers

Label printers and dispensers offer a comprehensive solution by both printing and applying labels. These machines integrate the functions of a label printer and a label dispenser into a single unit, providing convenience and efficiency. With the ability to produce custom labels on demand, they are versatile tools for businesses with dynamic labelling requirements.

Label Printers

Label printers are designed to print labels created with the assistance of a computer and label software. Offering flexibility and customisation, these printers enable you to design and print labels tailored to your exact specifications. They are suitable for businesses needing high-quality, customised labels for their products.

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printers

Drop-on-demand inkjet printers directly print labels onto packaging or products using ink. By eliminating the need for pre-manufactured labels, these printers streamline the labelling process, reducing costs and waste. With the ability to print variable data in real time, they are invaluable for applications requiring dynamic labelling, such as barcoding and product serialisation.

Laser Markers

Laser markers utilise laser beams to mark items or products, offering permanent and high-contrast labelling. These machines are ideal for applications where traditional labels may not adhere well or where direct marking is preferred. With precise marking capabilities, laser markers ensure consistent and durable labelling on a variety of materials.

Each type of labelling machine offers unique advantages, catering to different labelling requirements. Whether you need the flexibility of on-demand printing, the efficiency of automated label application, or the permanence of laser marking, there is a labelling solution to suit your needs. Choose wisely to optimise your labelling process and enhance your product presentation.