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Our Story - Scayl
The story of Scayl began in 2015 when our sister company launched a tea club called BRUU. When they first started, they packed their teas by hand (clean ones of course!) but as they got bigger it was obvious that they needed to speed up production in order to really scale their business.

However, for BRUU, solving this problem proved more complex than they had initially anticipated. Third-party packing specialists were costly and meant they would lose touch with their products whilst the machines available on the market were geared towards companies that had higher volumes, significant capital to invest, lots of space and in-house engineers to keep them running.

So BRUU decided to develop its own machine and in 2015 started using the first model, called the Y-1, which increased production by 90% and reduced waste by 35%.

Soon after BRUU contacted a few companies to tell them about the machine and within a few hours secured a handful of orders and the confidence to go out and create a business promoting the machines. Scayl was then born, on a mission to help businesses scale, grow and conquer and we haven't looked back since!

Scayl now suppliers filling machines and other services to companies around the world, helping them to speed up their production, reduce waste, improve efficiency and food hygiene.