Phil™ 2500/5000 FAQ's

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Phil2500/5000 Setup Guide


A: PLEASE ENSURE THE MACHINE IS SWITCHED OFF AND UNPLUGGED BEFORE TOUCHING ANY OF THE INTERNAL WIRES. Please check the power cables have not come loose in transit – check behind the control panel and the connections behind the power port.

A: Have you removed the 4 transit bolts from the bottom of the machine? Have you checked the bottom green port behind the computer, is connected correctly to the computer and has not come loose in transit?

A: Have you removed the 4 transit bolts from the bottom of the machine, this includes the bolt and square washer under the load cell? Have you calibrated the machine. Finally, is the machine clean and free from dirt? If there is a build-up of residue under the load cell, this can affect the functionality. Remove the back panel using the 6 screws, then clean with a brush/hoover.

A: Have you pushed in the green button on the side of the machine? This gives the machine an extra vibration when dispensing. If product is still left over, we need to program the gate to stay open longer – setting 12D increases/decreases time the door needs to stay open. Please always check with us before adjusting any settings.

A: It could be that the wiring loom has come loose – please check the port connected to the computer to the wiring loom. If this is intact, the foot pedal may need replacing. If a second foot pedal still does not work, we would need to replace the wiring loom.

A: Is the hopper set up correctly, i.e., the gate facing forward? Check the position of the gate on the external hopper – if this is left all the way open, this can cause the machine to overweigh. Have you got the machines set to the right setting, i.e., P1/P2/P3? The settings may need to be adjusted according to the product you are using. It could be the vibration needs to be gentler/stronger, the slow down target weight needs to be adjusted. Please always check with us before adjusting any settings.

A: The Phil2500/5000 maximum capacity is 2.5kg/5kg respectively, but for some products you will fit less in due to the volumetric capacity. 2500g of loose-leaf tea would take a lot more space than 2500g of rice. It may be that you would need to do 2 x 1.25kg/2.5kg dispenses, or upgrade to a different machine. 

A: When you attach the funnel to the machine, is the lip of the funnel on the outer body of the machine, rather than inside the weighing compartment? There’s a small Allen key grub screw that is located on the door motor, ensure this is tightened and the arm of the motor is positioned correctly to the gate.


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