Breaking Down Eco-Friendly Packaging

Breaking Down Eco-Friendly Packaging


Packaging is all around you, they just go unnoticed until it affects your surroundings or until you need to incorporate it into your business. From receiving a gift to couriering a package, everything needs to be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to food and drink. A few centuries ago, sending food and snacks through a courier was unheard of, but thanks to the innovation of safe and healthy packaging solutions it is possible in today's times

The next step in this journey is to think about our impact on the generations that shall succeed us, and this is where Scayl incorporates eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Here we take a look at ways to improve your business’s packaging solutions, reduce wastage and decrease your company's costs.


In any company, the biggest cost factor is single-use packaging. Think of a wedding invite, once it’s received and read it’s thrown in the bin. Little does the recipient understand the time and effort it took to create the design and cost to print, similarly when your customers buy into your products they tend to throw away the packaging once it’s opened. To save your business’s packaging costs, think about reusable materials instead of only plastic. As well as that, thinking about how you're packing your chosen vessels, is it the most efficient way? Have a look at our Phil 300 machine which allows you to set the desired weight using a digital pad.

The machine has an external spout which means you’re not restricted, you can use any reusable container, saving you cost and this allows you to offer your return clients discounts if they bring back their empty packaging. You can then safely clean and reuse the packaging, especially if you’re a start-up business or operating on a small scale from your home.


During the packaging, process product tends to fall off from machine belts and due to irregular measuring scales a lot of product goes to waste, Scayl’s machines are designed to minimise wastage of your product and do not have unnecessarily complicated systems, so the journey from raw ingredient to package is quick, simple and easy. Our Grind Pro is a perfect solution for all you small to medium-size coffee roasters, looking to grind coffee beans quickly, effortlessly and more importantly without losing the quality of the beans themselves. It comes in a 12kg or 20 kg capacity and has built-in air cooling so you never have to worry about overheating and overloading.

Food safety:

The thought of transporting food across the country automatically brings hygiene, safety and health to mind and this is where heat sealing can make or break a customer's experience and a product's delivery journey. The type of plastic used to hold food items plays an important role in heat sealing especially delicate food items. The last thing you need is a client receiving an exploded bag of chips because the plastic gave way during transportation.

As a business owner, you cannot compromise on your sealing solutions to save costs. Our machines are designed to use a variety of bags, from aluminium, polyethylene (PE),  polypropylene plastic (PP), laminations and compounds. Contact us for a sample and find your perfect packaging solution for your pocket and business needs. 

When it comes to packaging and sealing, as a business owner/ entrepreneur, try and think like your intended customers, how would you like to receive a product? Keep it simple, safe and reusable.

Less is more- less wastage on your raw product, more profit for your business.

- Ari