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Businesses around the globe rely on Scayl to help speed up their production processes, thanks to our amazing range of filling machines. We sell our machines around the world with customers in Europe, America, Asia and around the globeWe're really passionate about the difference our machines can make to a company, after all, we were our first customer. So, we're delighted to share just a few of the many endorsements and testimonials our machines get.

“We needed the machine to pack dry Hops and Silver Needle Tea as a Gin garnish in 8,000 2.5g packs. We couldn’t have hand packed our product in time for our client, had it not been for the Phil 300. Excellent consultation with Scayl, who set the machine up to our specification, with demonstration videos to help, and it arrived ready to go out the box with the correct pre-sets.”

Matthew | Founder of Twelve Keys Dry Gin

“As one of the biggest tea clubs in the UK it was crucial that our production team could keep up with our growing demand. The machines have helped speed up our packing, reduce loss and waste and have helped us to gain a better Food Hygiene Rating. It also gave us the confidence to list our products in key retailers like M&S, Morrisons and Debenhams.”

Anneka | Founder of BRUU

"As an artisan micro-coffee roaster, we were looking for a cost-effective way of increasing our productivity and output without having to completely uproot the business in order to fit in large scale weighing and packing equipment.  Your machine came in at a footprint and price-point that could fit in with our existing packaging line and help us achieve a greater packaging capacity. It cut our packing time down by over 1/3rd!"

Larry | I.O.W Espresso Co

"Your machine speeded up our packing process and gave us greater accuracy. It arrived really quickly and Scayl was always on the phone if I needed help or support. I would highly recommend these machines to other businesses looking to speed up their production. It has changed our businesses and saved us valuable time otherwise spent on hand packing, allowing us to focus on growth"

Robyn | The Spicery

"It has speeded up production of my curry kits by around 30% allowing me to increase production and spend more time on other areas of the business. Plus it easily fits on my tabletop which is a massive bonus. The main reasons I chose to buy from Scayl was for the quality of the machine and the fact that they were a British company so I knew I could go back to them at any point if I needed to."

Thea | Sri Spices


Head of Global Solutions Dave went to oversee the project providing a 2 week of intense training course and implementing effective project management, he ensured to be on hand to demonstrate quick and effective changeover to guarantee smooth production. Overall, after implementing our tailored solution to their complex production line, IPS Cullina was able to complete the entire project in 9 working days, that's roughly 1400 tins per day packed. 

IPS Cullina | Tesco's & Loop



"They’re great machines, we couldn’t fill them fast enough! They got us through our launch and enabled us to scale up, we really appreciate them.”


Zain | London Nootropics