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Scayl, created in 2015, has spent the last 6 years helping businesses scale, grow and conquer the uncharted business territories in their industry. Providing simple elegant solutions to companies complex problems is an everyday challenge, but that's only the start! Driven by the desire for betterment, we're firm believers that the only way to do that is to spend more time ON your business and less time IN the business. That's why we've created one of the biggest coffee hubs in the entire UK. A hive filed with information specific to the coffee industry. Tailored not just to your taste, but your needs to.

We would like to thank all of our amazing customers who have helped shaped the valuable lessons, tips and hints found in this hub. 



1. The basics of coffee processing

1. Things every coffee business needs to grow

1. Useful coffee resources 

2. How to set up a coffee shop

2. How to pack your coffee faster

2. Top 10 most successful coffee businesses 

3. Which coffee beans are best to roast?

3. Selling your coffee online 

3. Top 20 coffee quotes 

4. Methods of Decaffeination in Coffee

4. The best marketing strategies in coffee

4. Recommended coffee courses 

5. Equipment you need to run a coffee business

5. Top 10 mistakes coffee roasters make

5. Top 10 coffee books 


We sell a range of coffee filling and weighing machines specifically for the coffee industry. Just load your coffee into the top hopper, set your desired weight and our filling machine will dispense the exact amount into your preferred packaging until you tell it to stop. They are easy to use, maintenance-free and work out of the box.


Once your coffee has been packed, do those bags need sealing? We’ve got you covered. Our coffee sealing machine range offers vertical sealing and horizontal sealing. A continuous heat sealing machine keeps the coffee fresher for longer and gives your product a clean, professional finish. Simply load your bag into the machine and it will move along the belt providing continuous heat sealing at up over 24 meters per minute.