Power of Charismatic Leadership

Power of Charismatic Leadership

James Martin-Harper |

Charismatic leadership is a way of encouraging people to improve the way things are done. Encouraging and influencing particular behaviours with their strong personalities, and the way they communicate with the people around them. 

Charismatic leaders are very emotional about what they believe in and tend to be vocal about it, as a result of this, they make great public speakers as their passion flows right through them. Wanting to stand out and having ambition is just the tip of the iceberg. They are very achievement-driven, their charismatic personalities allow their motivation to be infectious, easily aligning their followers to the same beliefs and standards as themselves. But all of this is determined by their confidence. No confidence, no leadership at all. Its ease of visibility allows for clear identification of leadership qualities, increased verbal skills and a team-building enthusiasm.

How can this aid in business?

Charismatic leadership is an extremely effective business strategy. Its ability to align all members under one ideological umbrella, not only strengthens the sense of cohesion within the company but also provides clear identification of values. This identification of values is an imperative core part of the business, it ensures everyone is aware of the tasks ahead and the route which will be taken to achieve them, therefore, increasing the rate of production significantly. In the development of this, in modern-day society mental and physical wellbeing is something that has never been more imperative, and this strategy equates for that.  Through the use of this type of leadership, it transforms the work community into a work-family, a place of freedom and support that makes your business a pioneering point in the work industry. As a result of these benefits, it will develop your business throughout all platforms (infrastructure, staff wellbeing etc), more importantly, it allows for dramatic growth in productivity and therefore, profit. However, the success of this leadership strategy is dependent upon the leader’s enthusiasm, it requires constant positive input/mindset and complete eradication of negativity in all aspects. The key to being a charismatic leader is the ability to inspire and overcome.

What example can we follow in order to achieve this title?

A prime example of a charismatic leader is Martin Luther King. The face of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, a man at the forefront of conflict inspiring change and overcoming issues.  Black people were discriminated against for the colour of their skin. Contrary to belief, Martin Luther King fought for the equality of all ethnicities, the inclusion of everyone under one ideological umbrella. Though his ideology contrasted with that of what was considered “societies norm”, his heroic determination motivated not only himself, but his followers to continue to battle in the trench’s slavery for freedom. The pinacol point in his life, is the historic “I had a dream” speech. The passion flowed through his powerful words and turned the face of the future into one of hope.

Charismatic Leadership differs for everyone. People's abilities to carry out the strategy differ as much as eye colour. But remember, a business is never built in one day, a leadership can’t be created overnight.