The Phil 5000 Duo

The Phil 5000 Duo

Michael Rhodes |


Update: Since the original posting of this blog, the machine has been launched. Which you can find here.

Our engineers have been busy developing a new machine that will be available to buy in January 2020.

It features a multi-head weigher, meaning it is twice the speed of our fastest machine, the Phil 5000. You can also put in double the capacity, meaning less time spent filling the machine. 

Keen to innovate and meet customer needs, we have also included a double control panel configuration with a digital link. This means that both weighers can be used simultaneously, for faster dispensing of the same ingredient, or they can be used separately which is perfect for companies wanting to create blends or use different ingredients in the machine.  

"Lots of our customers are multi-ingredient brands and the versatility of our new machine means customers can use different ingredients in the same machine. So, a customer can use the left for organic and right for none-organic, as an example. But, when needed, both sides can work together to deliver blistering speed and faster dispenses" says Head of Product Development, Scott.

Now all that is left, is for us to name our new machine. If you have any ideas, we would love to know, and if we choose your name then we will send you a little thank you gift!