What happens when Scayl goes on tour?...Carlisle

What happens when Scayl goes on tour?...Carlisle

Scott Woodhead |

As you may now know, we take our machines on tour fairly often, and help customers with their packing. Not only do we do this because we are lovely, but we do this because it helps to see our machines working in your packing environment.

It can sometimes be hard to visualise how our machines would fit into your production line, ‘would it actually work for us?’ ‘What if the footprint is too big and it gets in the way?’ ‘Will it pack our product?’ All totally legitimate questions, all of which can be answered with a Scayl on tour visit.

‘Bruce and Lukes’ and ‘Mr Duffins’ found out exactly what our machines were capable of yesterday as our lovely David went on the road to Carlisle and Kendal. Check out the pictures below.

For them, a Phil 5000 was the best choice for their packing, and a Seal 1000 thrown in for good measure!

If you would like us to come visit you with our machines, or would just like to speak to the team, please contact us on 01748 349112 or email us on hello@scayl.co.uk