Which One of Our Machines Is For You?

We are fortunate enough to have a brilliant development team here at Scayl that are working tirelessly to improve our machines. If you have read our story, you'll know that we developed our machines to scratch our own itch in another business we own called BRUU.

So, which of our machines is right for you?

Phil™ 300
The Phil™ 300 is the smallest machine in our range and is ideal for smaller businesses who would like to speed up the packing process significantly, without a huge investment. Being the size of a microwave certainly has its benefits; it can be transported around easily and stored away if it’s not needed all of the time and again is capable of dispensing all types of dried produce. It carries the smallest price tag, making this one of our best-sellers. As the name suggests, it can fill and dispense up to 300g, depending on the type of ingredient you have.

Phil™ 500
The Phil™ 500 is suitable for businesses with more to pack and can dispense up to 500g in one go. What makes this machine unique is its anti-gravity feed which helps to mix ingredients before dispense, ensuring a nice even mix every time. 

Phil™ 2500
The Phil™ 2500 is one of the newest additions to our range and is a favourite for companies looking to pack up to 2500g. They are the largest machine in our range, but thanks to the handle wheels can easily be manoeuvred by one person. This model also features a much larger hopper with a flow gate, giving you greater control over the ingredients you are dispensing.

Phil™ 5000
The Phil™ 5000 is identical to the 2500, but has a slightly larger hopper and can dispense up to 5000g. Like the 2500 it features a powerful motor so can dispense at a much faster rate than its younger siblings.

We'd love to hear from you and explore ways Scayl can help your business.