How To Plan Your Website

How To Plan Your Website

James Martin-Harper |

Every company needs a good website to attract the attention of potential customers. In order to do this, your website needs to stand out, be innovative, user-friendly and target the right cliental. Here at Scayl, we would like to give out some advice on how you can do this, based on our experience with online businesses afforded to us from our parent company which operates in the online space. 

As a business, you should have a particular brand image and you should express that through your website, this can be done through design features such as font, colour and imagery. For example, on our website, the colour scheme is yellow and silver. Yellow represents positivity which helps us stand in what is a very formal industry, whilst silver reminds our customers that we are selling industrial machinery.

The font is probably less important than the colour scheme, but it still needs to be done right. It's all about personal preference, if you think the font you choose fits with your company and the service you are offering you should go with it. For example, if you are a company with a particularly artistic theme the font may be a little bit more elaborate. Our website font, we believe, is ideal for our company as it is clear, distinctive and bold. This would not work for a company like Disney which is aimed at a younger generation.

Your website must also be user friendly. That means simple layout, easy to read text, and uncomplicated navigation system. A key aspect to ensuring the user-friendliness of websites are the links. Links are the train of the website, the pages the stations. The links must be easy to use and simple, otherwise your cliental won’t be able to successfully navigate your website. It's beneficial to include a search bar for extra accessibility, customers can search what they want as quickly as possible without having to spend time flicking through the navigational tabs. For example, on the Scayl website, we have links to all the different pages and they all show up in the search bar.

Ultimately visitors want speed and you need to channel them into the desired outcome. When building your website consider the decision buying process and ensure your website answer those questions in the right order. You don't want to leave your key product information out of sight, as it will prevent the user from going to the next step. Equally, you want to ensure at the final stage before they click to buy you have reinforcing messages, perhaps customer testimonials or other unique selling points to avoid the customer re-evaluating their decision. If your checkout is too lengthy, this can give them time to talk themselves out of ordering from you. 

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