We help you to pack – Case Study; Goldbox Roastery

We help you to pack – Case Study; Goldbox Roastery

Sophie Grufferty |

As we mentioned, we went on the road this week, helping people see our machines in action, in their own setting, with their own product. One of those lucky enough to have the team arrive, along with our Phil 2500 was Barbara at the Goldbox Roastery in Newcastle.

The clue is in the name here… Barbara and her team were packing coffee by hand, totally time-consuming, wasteful, and not quite as accurate as you might like.

So our superheroes in Scayl capes arrived and set to work. The Phil 2500 is one of our larger machines and packs up to 2.5kg per dispense. At the Goldbox roastery, we were packing 1kg bags of coffee beans and managed to pack at a rate of about 4 per minute… well over 40 in just under 15 minutes, certainly increasing their production. All of that while enjoying a good natter, and an excellent cup of coffee!

Out of the goodness of our hearts… we also took full advantage of their heat sealing machine, so we completed the job we were asked to do.

If you want more information, or would like our team to visit you on our next road trip, please contact us.