We missed National Bean Day!

We missed National Bean Day!

Dave Martin |

So, a friend told us that earlier this month it was National Bean Day. We had to Google it to find out, but there is even a day in the yearly calendar for the humble bean!

I guess it’s worth mentioning, because a lot of the companies we sell our filling and sealing machines too, use them for coffee beans. However, National Bean Day isn’t just about coffee beans, it's about all different types of beans and in the past, we’ve had the pleasure of running different varieties of dried beans through our machines. Plus, I am not sure coffee beans qualify!

On our last count (!) there were around 40,000 different bean varieties in the world, and only a fraction of them are mass-produced for regular consumption. National Bean Day is here to encourage you to try different varieties of beans and introduce them to your diet. Beans are low in fat and high in fibre, whilst being loaded with iron and protein. So, there are huge health benefits to including them in your diet too. Here a few of our favourites at Scayl:

Flat bean
Pinto bean
Baked bean
Kidney bean
Black bean