Why Manufacturers Are Embracing CBD Infused Products

Why Manufacturers Are Embracing CBD Infused Products


So many names, so many variations and products, but when the abbreviation ‘CBD’ is read there is a panic caused by a simple case of misinformation and stigma. Yet manufacturers are increasingly introducing CBD infused products into their range.

Hemp Vs Marijuana Vs CBD

The first misconception is that ‘hemp’ is a cousin plant of cannabis, that’s not true at all. Hemp and Marijuana are different names referring to the same thing, however, there is a difference.

Thanks to author Ernest Small who in his book called: “The Species Problem in Cannabis: Science and Semantics”, distinguished a difference between Hemp and Marijuana simply by the amount of THC in the plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound found in the natural plant, which is responsible for that mind-altering “high” that people experience when they smoke the dried product. So, for hemp, it is usually 0.3% and lower, which has become an acceptable level to have in medicine, etc. as it is not enough to get people into an altered state of mind.

Now marijuana is on another level, this is the type of cannabis that does get you high, as this has much higher levels of THC and it also contains CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is where the magic lies that most manufacturers get their interest. This is a compound found in the plant that is responsible for interactions with anxiety, depression, and pain, amidst a long list. This is where lots of medical research goes, into extracting its interactive characteristics and applying them to various products for human benefit.

Fact: Cannabis seeds contain no CBD at all, it is found in the stems, leaves and flowers.

Hemp itself is used for various items like paper, textile, and in foods to make protein powders, milk, and oil. It’s a fact that the hemp plant grows much faster than normal trees, hence making paper from these plants is far easier than waiting a couple of long years for a ream of paper. As for the pure seed itself, it contains high protein and is a good source of fibre.

Why are manufacturers infusing CBD in almost everything?

There is lots of research into its benefits available in one simple google search, but one thing people already knew long before the laws started opening around 2008/2009 is that everything started with medical benefits.

Whilst there are a lot more laws in many more countries that need to become more inclusive of CBD, it has indeed come a long way and if you’re a business owner, you do not want to miss this boat.

Infusing CBD in your grooming products/ food/ environmentally friendly products is now the new future. It answers the question of balancing nature and taking care of human needs and has a lot of medical and health benefits.

Your share prices will jump, and profits margins will increase as the demand for these products are on a rise and shall remain so for a while to come, as we are only scratching the surface with CBD.

Get yourself equipped with the full facts, get rid of the myths, and embrace CBD for the natural gift it is. But with great power comes even greater responsibility, so make sure to stick to the legal guidelines and laws in your respective region as international law still has a long way to go in terms of embracing CBD for health benefits.