Case study - Euro Taste

“We are happy with our purchase and pleased to be working with Scayl and as we grow we will be in touch in the future" Damon - Euro Taste Director
Which Phil:              Phil 5000 / Seal 1000

About them: 
Euro Taste has bases in the UK, Germany and the Middle East. They position themselves this way to operate internationally and to provide the best service possible. Each of these locations has a different company based within them, including Tordak, AD-LI, Everyday Superfood and Everyday Safferon. 

Tordak specialised in ready mixes, including southern-fried seasonings and cake mixes. AD-LI operates its own premium long grain aromatic rice brand. Everyday Superfood offers a range of super food products sourced from around the world and packed under own and private brands, whilst Everyday Safferon provides high quality imported Persian and Spanish saffron directly to customers.

The Problem

They were looking for a low-cost solution. in a move towards greater automation, but couldn't justify the financial investment needed for full automation, so decided to bridge the gap with Scayl. They were also looking to expand their middle-east operations which would require another packing line for Tordak.

The Solution
We installed a Phil 5000 and Seal 1000, which provided a end-to-end solution and movement away from hand packing. Once they move towards full automation, we will connect them with our partners at PFM, who provide longer term automation solutions.