Case study - Heart & Graft

“The machine has sped up packing so much and easily out paces the roaster now, thank you"

Michael - Heart & Graft

Which Phil:              Phil 5000 / Seal 1000

About them: 
Heart and Graft Coffee Roastery were set up as the coffee circle in 2012, James was fed up with the lack of specialist coffee in the local area of Manchester. During the set up process, James learnt the complex art of roasting, whilst working as a barista. Sean was keen to be a part of Heart and Graft, previously being the youngest Q-grader (Coffee Quality Institute) in the country. They sell an absolutely huge range of coffee from all over the world so they have a variety for everyone, and there range is all about keeping things simple. 

The Problem

Heart and Graft were packing close to a tonne of coffee each week, by hand. Repetitive strain injury was a big problem as they were using hand held sealers. They couldn't keep up with production and their roaster was roasting coffee quicker than they could pack and seal it. 

The Solution
We installed a Phil 5000 and Seal 1000 and it has transformed their business. They can now keep up with the huge coffee roaster and customer demand. It has also given them back hours of time, which was wasted hand packing, which is now invested in growth and perfecting their already amazing coffees.