Case Study - Spices on the Webb

“If you are looking to increase your production but do not want to increase your labour costs I recommend their filling machine for sure, it has saved us time and effort, quickly filling 100's of bags in a couple of hours with ease so the operator is not tired or making accuracy mistakes. Once we had the money back saved from using the machine, we are left with the same labour cost but double the production capabilities, so in effect it has cost me nothing - what can get better than that?" Spices on the Webb
Which Phil:              Phil 5000

About them: 
Spices on the Webb specialise in selling spices, herbs, chilli whilst dealing with forms of dried food, powders, flakes and whole foods.

The Problem

Spices on the Webb a filling machine to assist in bagging up smaller amounts of spices and herbs from sacks into packaging.

"We could have chosen a foreign firm to send pack our items, but when dealing with industrial equipment I always find it better to deal with a local British firm, so we can get the appropriate support. It is also nice to know you are getting a personal service from local people in a local business, nothing was too much, everyone was understood, and everything was handled smoothly. As a former Industrial Scale Sales Rep dealing with spec weighing production systems, I do appreciate the work that goes into producing a filling machine like this."

The Solution
We supplied Spices on the Webb with a Phil 5000 machine, which instantly increased production. The main function of using the filling machine was to increase production without increasing labour costs.

"The difference in time for us is 30% machine vs manual labour, so any slight, and I do mean slight, inaccuracy in the weighing's is paid for tenfold with the saving in labour. And I have yet to meet anyone who is accurate all day long, simply does not exist. In fact the machine paid for itself within 11 weeks. The machine gives us versatility too. We offer different pack sizes for the same spice, so having an easy to select alteration of the weight makes a great difference to changing the reel of bags over. Most machines that bag up for you as well as weigh are single size only and this machine offers versatility for all bag sizes without moving from the spot, huge saving in time."