Meet the Business

Here at Scayl we're on a mission to help businesses grow and scale. We do this in a number of ways, from our range of packing and sealing machines that help companies speed up production, to offering consultancy services. Naturally we are in constant dialog with companies in a variety of industries, and often learn some valuable lessons from these conversations.

So, we launched Meet the Business which is a new series aimed at capturing these valuable lessons and passing them onto our amazing network of customers. Follow our series to learn from amazing entrepreneurs that share insights into their businesses and what has helped them succeed.


We spoke to Anneka, the owner of BRUU the gourmet tea club and really got an understanding about the work that goes into being a global subscription tea company, bringing euphoria to the hearts of every tea drinker out there. 

EPISODE 2: The Treat Kitchen

We spoke to Jess, the co-owner of TTK Confectionary, she shed some light onto the sweet and bitter moments in her business, detailing some expert knowledge on creating an amazing workforce as well as analysing how to pinpoint your position in the market, and how to optimise it. Read transcript here.

EPISODE 3: PS Coffee Roasters

We spoke to Simon at PS Coffee Roasters who have been doing amazing things in the coffee space over in Ireland, who want to introduce the world to better coffee and do some good for the environment in the process. Read transcript here.

EPISODE 4: Bit Spicy

We spoke to Elizabeth at Bit Spicy who have been doing tasteful things in the Singapore-inspired world of spices based in Marden, who want to bring some heat to your ordinary infusions of spices.  Read transcript here.

EPISODE 4: Two Dogs Coffee

We spoke to Two dogs Coffee, premium Coffee roaster company ran by Sian & John in the Welsh highlands - "I think the whole aim of the business is to be as flexible as possible and responsive to the needs of business". 

EPISODE 5: Will Battle - Fine Tea Merchants (SPECIAL FEATURE)

 We spoke to Will Battle at Fine Tea Merchants about the ever developing complexity of tea. 

 EPISODE 6: Sri Spices

 We talk to Thea, owner of Sri Spice in the Spice Industry who shines a light onto the spicy secrets of the spice industry. 

Do you want time in the spotlight? To feature in our exclusive Meet The Business series? Contact us.