Three Successful Coffee Companies In The UK Market

Three Successful Coffee Companies In The UK Market

James Martin-Harper |

All data based on 2021 company positions          
We supply many of our machines to a lot of coffee companies all over the world and we would like to know what makes the very top companies in this market the best and how they achieve this. Some of the top coffee companies in the world are companies we see every single day and most likely use, companies like Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero and this blog is going to understand what makes them so successful.

#1 Starbucks 
By far the largest coffeehouse chain in the world is Starbucks. The first Starbucks Coffee shop was opened in 1971 in the US city of Seattle and even when just starting as a business they were providing people with some of the worlds finest and freshest coffee. They adapted their style of coffee when in 1983 one of their future chairman, Howard Schultz, travelled to Italy and was inspired by Italian coffeehouses and wanted to bring it back to the US. 

Fast forward 37 years and Starbucks now has more than 32,000 stores in 80 countries. The reason that they are so popular in so many countries is the fact that they will specifically design a product portfolio for each of these counties and will adapt them to that countries culinary preferences and look into aspects such as the countries culture. One of the territories Starbucks operates is India where people believe that cows are sacred. This would mean that it is essential that Starbucks do not have any beef products within their snack products which could damage their reputation. 

#2 Costa Coffee
They generate ten times more revenue than their closest competitor which happens to be Costa coffee with net revenue of £13.91 billion ($19.16 billion). This is a huge difference if you compare this figure to Costa Coffee when in 2019 they acquired revenue of £1.34 billion ($1.84 billion). Part of the difference between the two companies is the fact that Starbucks is a US-based company and is generally more popular in the US than Costa.

Costa hasn’t expanded into the American coffee market yet, however they are just starting to do so by setting up a few smart Cafés and a few Barista Bots that uses machines to make the coffee. 

Compare this to Starbucks who have currently have over 14,000 Starbucks locations in the United States, New York alone has 241 Starbucks establishments in their city, which shows how much the people of America love Coffee.

#3 McDonalds
The third biggest coffee company is McDonald's with their McCafé range of different coffee’s as well as other things such as hot chocolate and tea. The McCafé menu is much simpler than any of their other competitors within the industry with only a few options to choose from. The reason for their success with this range is because customers are tpaying for the convenience of McDonald’s and the price difference, which is almost 50% lower than Starbucks.