WePac™ is a co-packing and co-filling service, from Scayl, offering low-cost, innovative and timely packing solutions for the food and non-food markets. We utilise our specialist machinery, allowing us to deal with a wide range of bespoke packaging requirements.

✓ Low-cost - we will not be beaten on price!
✓ No set up fees, trial costs or minimum orders

✓ Experienced team working with major brands like Modelez & Waitrose
✓ Fast turnaround and on-demand services
✓ Transparent pricing structure
✓ Experts in unusual requests and bespoke solutions
✓ No set up costs or trial runs costs

Who are we?
Scayl started when our sister company, BRUU, won listings in major highstreet retailers and could not keep up with the demand through hand-packing alone. We developed a range of machinery which proved so beneficial, that we decided to set up a new business, Scayl, offering them to other businesses. WePac™ is a co-packing and co-filling service offered by Scayl, which was introduced due to customer requests and which allows us to fill gaps in our production capabilities and move towards full capacity. So it's win-win!

How it works?
Send your product and packaging to us. We will then pack and seal it (optional) in our dedicated lab, before sending it back to you in a timely manner. If your ingredients or packaging is more complicated, we can offer a free trial run, which we will video and send to you. 

What can we can pack?
Our machines work with a wide range of dried food and non-food items including powders, grains, beans, herbs, seeds, rice, spices, tea, nuts, sweets, components, plus many more. We can also pack into jars, bottles, sachets, bags, poly pouches, sacks, boxes and much more. 

If you would like to find out more please contact the Scayl team. 


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