Which coffee bean is best to roast?

Which coffee bean is best to roast?

James Martin-Harper |

The worlds third most consumed item across the entire world is Coffee, a unique world of flavour within a world of adventure. Whether you prefer your morning cup of Joe from locally run coffee shops¸ Starbucks, or more asking Siri “what coffee shops are near me” type of person, you cannot deny that we would still be asleep by 10 without it.

But when it comes to the topic of Coffee? Regardless of any additions like sugar or milk, the centre focus is always the bean itself, more specifically the roast. Originating in thousands of different countries around the globe, every roast is unique, Individual and a different flavour. Despite the differentiation across roasts, only one thing remains important, the quality of the bean. The more premium quality bean you can buy, the better the Roast, with the length of roasting time determining the Coffee’s overall taste and look. With this in mind, Scayl HQ did some research to investigate which bean type is best to use to achieve your desired flavour. So, whether you’re an Americano or Espresso type of person, stay tuned you may be in for a surprise.

When purchasing bags of Coffee in a Coffee shop downtown or from an online coffee store, in most cases the packaging will give you an indication of the beans roasting time. This is our guide.

  • The lighter the roast, the less bitterness the coffee flavour possess. In a Light Roast, due to speed of the process, the oils are not freed to the outer part of the bean, explaining why the lighter the roast the smoother the taste.
  • With a Medium Roast, you’ll get a darker colour and a more prominent taste. You still won’t as strong a sense of bitterness, as the process isn’t long enough to fully allow the bean’s oils to be released.
  • A Medium-Dark Roast is known for its appearance. This colour will be noticeably darker than the light roast and slightly darker than the medium roast. It’s here that the roasting process is long enough to cause the beans oil to be released and the bitterness to be evident.
  • The big daddy of Coffee beans is the Dark Roasted, which no longer look brown. The duration of the roasting process significantly darkens the beans, releasing all the internal oil strengthening the bitterness of the taste. This type of bean is ideal for producing typical espressos.

    What type of coffee bean do you like? Are you a fruity infused medium roast type of person, or a brave hearted dark roasted? Get in touch and let us know.