How to Clean Our Machines

How to Clean Our Machines

Scayl Admin |

We’re listening to your questions and providing answers. The most common question we’re asked is, “How easy is it to clean your packing machines?” Well, as it happens, very easy!

When designing our machines, we wanted to ensure that the upkeep of them was as easy as turning them on. Especially if they are used in the food industry, they must adhere to the strict hygiene guidelines and be easy to clean between ingredients. So, simplicity and efficiency are core concepts we build our machines around.

The best way to clean the machines is by simply using a cloth and approved antibacterial spray. This powerful duo kills two birds with one stone. The antibacterial spray kills any bacteria remaining in the machine and the cloth removes any debris. You can also use a food-grade vacuum, brush or compressed air feed to blow the area clean.

Here is our step-by-step guide to keeping your machine clean. Please remember that your clean down procedure will be different depending on the ingredients you use. So for food, this is what we would suggest:

  1. Check the machine was cleaned down after the last use.
  2. Load your ingredients into the machine and start your production run.
  3. When your run has finished, click the ‘Clear Material’ button and the machine will empty your leftover ingredients out of the funnel.
  4. Remove the detachable chutes and hopper, giving it a clean down with approved anti-bac cleaner.
  5. Remove the machine lid, using the clips on the sides. Clean down the internal travel belt and load cell.
  6. Sometimes dust can fall to the bottom of the machine. In this scenario, remove the back panel and then clean out the bottom tray.
  7. Return all parts and then clean outside of the machine.
  8. This entire process should take less than 5 minutes.

Ensuring regular cleaning of your machine is the key to constantly desired standards. Making sure to clean the inside, as well as the outside, will ensure smooth operation and reliability.