Filling Machines Used to Deliver a Sustainable Shop

Filling Machines Used to Deliver a Sustainable Shop

James Martin-Harper |

PPMA Show exhibitors Scayl is providing Tesco with packing machines to fill plastic-free returnable and reusable containers with a range of products that are staples in our diet.

Tesco has partnered with Loop to provide a zero-waste shopping service that differs from competitors as consumers do not have to provide their own containers.

Customers pay for the product, add a QR code, then return the container to get their deposit back. The container is then cleaned and then, using Scayl filling machines, they are refilled ready for restocking in store. The company says that not only does that mean Scayl machines are helping to reduce plastics waste, but the machines are also able to reduce the amount of product waste by using a high degree of accuracy to correctly measure and fill containers - without any spillage.

During Tesco's first run with Loop (which was conducted online) a strong interest in the scheme was shown by consumers, despite the implications of the pandemic. Scayl says that if this response is demonstrated during the initial store trial, this will be an industry game-changer and one that the company can't wait to be part of.

"We are very proud and excited to be working with Tesco to help reduce the amount of waste we're producing as a country and working towards zero-waste shopping", says the founder of Scayl Scott Woodhead. "Buying just three items from the Loop range removes millions of pieces of plastic waste - which is incredible."

"This trial is initially taking place in ten stores across eastern England, and we're looking forward to seeing where we can take our machines next," he says.