PPMA 2021

PPMA 2021

James Martin-Harper |

With over 500 member companies and a heritage dating back 34 years, the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association (colloquially referred to as PPMA) is the UK’s trade association for suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to both the domestic and overseas markets. But it’s much more than that, PPMA is an SME’s dream, a library of companies with the tools to build, develop and support a wide range of businesses.

As you may already be aware, in the 2019 show our “Entry-level filling machines made a splash at the PPMA Total Show” so this year we set ourselves a goal to “up the ante”, and we think we did.

Here at Scayl, we know that our fantastic company conscience and very unique brand identity means that we stick out from the crowd, and that’s just how we like it. Why blend in, when it’s always best to stand out? This is exactly what we did, from the living wall to the neon sign to the cosy home ambience, we wanted to use the platform that PPMA is to show SME’s there is such thing as “industry uniformed identity”.

With such a creative and eye-catching stand it was no surprise that we were the most popular exhibitor there, and that wasn’t just for our stand, our devoted team’s energy too! Whilst many other larger more “professional” companies appeared to be distant and otherwise engaged on their computers, the wonderful Scayl team maintained 110% energy throughout the entire show.  From handing out our iconic Scayl goodie bags packed full of tasty treats and puzzles which swarmed the entire event, to making coffee’s, a smile and a bit of personability are the keys to building relationships.

It wasn’t just relationships with potential clients with who we were building relationships, whilst our Marketing Executive James was out taking the world of media by storm, our Head of Global Solutions Dave was doing an exclusive interview with PPMA TV.


What have we as a company learnt from PPMA 2021?

We’ve learnt that the “industry uniformed identity” is something that, once broken, is the key to allowing your business to flourish. This year we have curated hundreds of leads not only because of our extremely friendly and smiley team but also because we let our company’s unique identity speak for itself. Remember that sometimes not blending in isn’t always standing out, but finding a creative & unique angle and just running with it. Faith and courage in your team, yourself and your company will be the key to your future doors of development.