How Can Our Phil Machines Help You?

How Can Our Phil Machines Help You?

Sophie Grufferty |

We are always asked if our machines are faster than packing by hand… How do we quantify that?

Firstly, the thing to do is to check out our testimonials page on our website, there is a reason we do what we do, and here is where you would find out why! We have helped hundreds of companies all over the world to ‘Scayl’ up their business, and customers always remark on how much time we have saved them, and how much money in terms of wasted product and wages or fees for external packing companies, they now have to put back into the business to help it to grow.

The second thing to try is our Return on Investment tool. We developed this natty little calculator to make your decision-making process even simpler. There is no funny business, just add the details we ask for and we will tell you how quickly you will cover the cost of the machine, and how much money and time you will save over a year.

Thirdly, we offer all of the after-sales care you could ever possibly want. A dedicated team is available every weekday to answer any of your questions. A 12-month warranty as standard, and an option to bolt on additional warranty. We have spare parts, and a servicing option too… although nobody has ever taken us up on these, suggesting that our machines are built to last.

But for the real nitty gritty see below;

Pack 35% faster

Our machines are typically 35% faster than packing your ingredients by hand. Simply load your product into the top of the hopper, set the desired weight to dispense and then hit start. The machine will accurately dispense your exact amount in a matter of seconds, allowing you to semi-automate your packing process.

Depending on the ingredients used, our machines will typically dispense between 20-40 bags per minute with perfect accuracy. The time you save on packing can now be spent on growing your business!

Accurate to within 0.2g

Once you load your products into our machine it will weigh and fill your ingredients to within 0.2g* of accuracy until you tell it to stop.

Such precision reduces waste and loss, compared to packing by hand, ultimately saving your business money in the long run.

You can also preset three buttons on the machine to work with different ingredients and with the Phil™ 300/2500/5000 the additional flow gate allows for even greater control.

Fully Certified

All our machines are CE approved and come with a 135-page report from a UKAS accredited test lab,  which means they have been tested and comply with European Safety Directives (2014/30/EU, 2014/30/EU, 2006/42/EU). They also use Food Grade Stainless steel (304) which can be used in production processes involving food. Finally, our machines come with a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating based on using our machines to pack loose tea into consumer bags. 

If you are purchasing a machine for use in commercial business then it is a legal requirement that it complies with all of these directives.

Totally versatile

Our range of packing machines are totally versatile and work with a huge range of dry ingredients. Some of our customers use our machines to pack ingredients ranging from tea, coffee, spices, herbs, powders, grains, nuts to dog treats, cinnamon sticks, seaweed, electronic components, craft items and boiled sweets.

The machine works best with ingredients that are dry and are no larger than 100mm in diameter. Settings for different ingredients can be pre-set, allowing you to use the machine for a variety of ingredients with the press of a button. 

Fits like a glove

Amazing things really do come in small packages and our machines are extremely compact. The Phil 300 is about the size of a household microwave, whilst our largest machine (Phil 5000) is no bigger than a small fridge. This means our machines can be easily stored when not in use, moved around different premises as required or fit into your existing production process without taking up too much space. 

As Larry from Island Roastery said, "Your machines helped me improve productivity and output without having to completely uproot the business in order to fit large scale weighing and packing equipment in."

Built to last

We make all of our machines with simplicity in mind. This design focus means our range is extremely reliable and we are proud to say that since we sold our first machine in 2015 we have not had one warranty issue. It also means you don't need onsite engineers to maintain the machine- they're plug and play.

They are robust, hardy and capable of millions of dispenses. If a component does fail within 12 months, you will be covered under our warranty, otherwise, most parts are under £50 and can be posted out to you within a few days for you to easily replace.