Scayl On Tour - North West

Scayl On Tour - North West

Sophie Grufferty |

Yet again we took our Phil machines out on the road to the North West. We visited several coffee roasters across Manchester and Liverpool and showed them exactly what we can do.

Our Phil 5000, complete with Hopper extender and Seal 1000 went down a storm, and we helped pack some serious volume of incredible coffee.

Getting to see our machines in their actual working environment is always impressive, as you cannot deny how much they improve the hand packing process. Packing 120kg in 30 minutes has got to be a vast improvement in time, and wastage, and we get to try some of the freshest coffee in the UK! What isn’t to love?

Thank you to Heart and Graft, Grindsmith, 92 Degrees coffee, and Mancoco for the coffee, chat, and the opportunity to show our range off!

If you are a coffee roaster, and would like to see our machines in your roastery, and a hand to pack, let the team know on 01748 349112.