How To Work Out Your Return On Investment On Our Scayl Machines

When making any business investment, every sensible business owner knows to work out their ROI to see whether that particular option is viable at that particular time.

That is exactly what we did when we were looking to streamline our despatch process for our sister company, BRUU – The Gourmet Tea Club. We quickly found out that entry-level, semi-automated machines didn’t exist, let alone ones that wouldn’t take up too much space in our small premises. So we developed our own machines, our ‘Phil’ range was born.

As part of our service here at SCAYL, we will calculate your ROI for you, if you are kind enough to give us the information we need to do that. The easiest way is to use our ROI Calculator online.

We basically need four pieces of information from you;

  • How many are you packing on a monthly basis?
  • How many man-hours does that take you?
  • What is your hourly wage for your workforce?
  • How many staff do you use to pack?

So for example;

  • Packing 20,000 Packets of 150g ground coffee per month
  • 1 member of staff packs 3 per minute = 180 per hour
  • Paid minimum wage £8.21 per hour (as of March 2019)
  • 4 members of staff used to pack

20,000 / 180 = 111.1 hours

111.1 x £8.21 = £912.20

£912.20 x 4 = £3648.80

We would recommend using the Phil 300, due to its countertop size (it's about the size of your standard microwave). Based on the cost of the Phil 300, £999.99, you have returned your investment in month one.

If you then delve further into that, and use the same example, reduce the number of staff packing coffee to 1 using the machine.

  • Packing 20,000 Packets of 150g ground coffee per month
  • 1 member of staff packs 20 bags per minute* = 1,200 per hour
  • Paid minimum wage £8.21 per hour

20,000 / 1,200 = 16.66 hours

16.66 x £8.21 = £136.77

With the Phil 300 machine, packing the same quantity, after month one, you would then actively save £3,512.03 per month on your overheads. That’s over £42,000 a year saving, thanks to one countertop machine.

Just think what you could achieve with all the time you have now freed up, let alone the capital saved, that could be re-invested elsewhere! The opportunities are endless!

So what are you waiting for, call our team today on 01748 329112, to find out how much time and money we could save you!