Phil Launches into American Coffee Market

Phil Launches into American Coffee Market

Dave Martin |

Our packing machine range, Phil, has launched into the American coffee industry and is taking the market by storm. The American coffee market is huge and we at Scayl want to help it get even bigger with the help of our fantastic semi-automated filling and sealing machines.

In 2019 the American roast coffee market is worth $66 million and is projected to grow by 5.4% In 2023 it is estimated that the market will grow to be worth around $79 million. In comparison, the UK coffee market is only worth $8 million, that’s over 8 times less than the American market! However, the value of roasted coffee in the whole of Europe is $111 million and that total is a combination of all 50 countries in Europe, not a lot in comparison to the American market. In 2019 the average person in the US spent $201 on roasted coffee, so it’s a big part of their daily lives. The US alone consumes 1103 million kilograms of coffee each year! No wonder they are so high energy.

In 2007, 79,291,457 lbs of green beans were imported into America making them the 4th largest green bean importers in the world. We figured that if this amount was packaged into 5lbs bags, America would have 15,858,291 bags. Our Phil 5000, packing at a rate of 300 x 5lb bags an hour, would only take 2202 working days, this converts to 313 weeks or just 6 years!

Phil works with a wide variety of other ingredients like tea, flour, hot chocolate, spices, chemicals, cosmetics, confectionery and even golf tees! So, after the initial focus on coffee, we are confident that our machines will appeal to a much wider market.

Since launching into America last month, we’ve already had strong interest from businesses in Florida, Georgia and New York with our first sale going to a coffee roaster in North Dakota. To show the capabilities of our machines, we recently ran a one minute test using coffee beans, which packed the equivalent of 1500lbs of coffee in an hour!  

If you are a company in the US looking to speed up your packing process, or interested in becoming a distributor for Scayl, we would love to hear from you.