The Seal 2000 is Here!

We're really excited to announce the launch of the new Seal™ 2000, a high-end sealing machine. Based on the popular entry-level Seal™ 1000, this upgraded version is aimed at businesses with more industrial sealing requirements.
"2019 has seen Scayl expand its presence into the European coffee industry and many of our customers were interested in a sealing machine capable of sealing larger bags, faster." says Michael of Scayl.
Our development team jumped on the opportunity and within months we had a solution. The fittings have all been updated to appeal to the higher end of the market and it can handle much larger and heavy bags; as seen in the industrial side of the coffee market. 

When combined with the Phil 5000, it offers an end-to-end packing and sealing solution for under £7000, which is shaking up the competition who struggle to get anywhere near these prices.