Scayl Goes South - River Coffee Roasters, Gentlemen Baristas & Wooden Hill Coffee

Scayl Goes South - River Coffee Roasters, Gentlemen Baristas & Wooden Hill Coffee

Dave Martin |

One of our salesmen Dave hit the road and travelled down south to three different coffee roasteries to show them our range of packing and sealing machines. The companies he travelled to were River Coffee Roasters in Winchester, Gentlemen Baristas in London and Wooden Hill Coffee Company in Bedford.

We understand that the companies we speak to all have different ingredients and processes. Thankfully, our machines are extremely versatile and have proven themselves at working across a variety of industries. But it is safe to say, that the coffee industry is where we feel most at home.  

So, we thought it would be nice to introduce the companies Dave visited.

River Coffee Roasters 
RCR is in Winchester, Hampshire and prides themselves in their good quality coffee. They roast their coffee in small batches and sample the green coffee before roasting to ensure the best quality possible.

Dave met Will to help set up and offer training on two machines they had purchased; the Phil 2500 and Seal 1000. We’re confident that our range of machines will provide the perfect combination for them and help speed up what they do. They certainly know how to make a mean cuppa!

Gentlemen Baristas  
Gentlemen Baristas is a coffee roastery that owns a number of coffee shops around London and has an online shop.  We are hopeful our solution will reduce the week it takes them to run production and feel we can bring this time down to around 1-2 days. I wonder what they will do with all the free time our machines will give them? They certainly don’t need to spend it on improving their coffee, which was also fantastic. I think Dave has the best job in the world, part-time salesman and full-time coffee taster.

Wooden Hill Coffee Company
Wooden Hill Coffee Company are located is Bedford and pride themselves on their unique blends. We love what they are doing in the community, and on arrival, a small group of school children were at the company learning about coffee.  They are all about the environment and sustainability, planting trees, using biodegradable bags and reusing packaging. With over 200 trees planted and 3700 cardboard boxes saved, we think they are doing a great job.

Dave met Robin who had bought our Phil2500, with a hopper extender, a tabletop stand and a small funnel. 

If you are a coffee roaster and would like us to bring our showroom to you, please get in touch!