What do I need for my coffee company to grow?

What do I need for my coffee company to grow?

James Martin-Harper |

Coffee Growing

When starting a coffee company everyone wants to be successful and to do this you need the right equipment and resources.

There are certain items that you will need to sort out a supply of so you can start roasting, first of which is a constant supply of beans that you can roast and turn into the great tasting drink that we all know and love. Coffee grows in around eighty countries around the world so there is no shortage of freshly grown bean suppliers. The top 5 highest producers of beans are:



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Coffee is best suited to these countries because of their equatorial climates, rich fertile soils and few pests and minimal diseases. It’s vital that you set up a contract with suppliers and that you choose the type of bean that is right for you and your company.

Coffee roaster

The main item that you will need when setting up your own coffee company is a good coffee roaster. These machines will be a huge asset to the production of your bean type, with variation depending on the quality of the roaster and the maximum capacity (some industrial drum roasters can go up to a Roasting capacity of 480kg/h and a batch size of 60 – 120kg), they are essential for producing any amount of your product.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders are used in the coffee industry to grind up roasted coffee beans into different grains. Grinding the coffee is a remarkably simple method of bringing out the optimum flavour of the coffee bean. The smaller you grind the coffee the stronger and more intense the taste of the coffee will be.  How is this achieved? The smaller the grind, the larger the surface area to internal volume ratio, leading to increased intensification of the coffee’s flavour.  It speeds up the brewing process too! Selling different grains of beans as a business is a smart move, you can create different unique notes for each grain, whilst satisfying a larger market.


 As you expand from a micro to macro roaster, storage is a big feature. If you’ve outgrown your garage, or are out of space in your spare room, a warehouse can be a brilliant next step. Not only does this allow for addition storage with easier organization, but you can move and grow your roastery there too. Two birds, one stone.


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