What other options are there in the packing industry?

What other options are there in the packing industry?

Sophie Grufferty |

I am sure you are familiar with our story by now; Scayl came into being because we needed to solve our own packaging problem we had with our sister company BRUU – The Gourmet Tea club. We had extensively researched semi-automated packing solutions, to no avail. Actually that is a lie… We had found plenty, just as long as we were willing to part with £10,000 of our hard earned cash to just get the entry level solution. Any level of bespoke adaptation and we could add another few thousand to that figure.

This led us to look at developing our own machine, one that could comfortably package our tea, within the time constraints and packaging requirements we needed. We created the Phil 500, and it revolutionised our production process. Before long, we were developing both the Phil 300, and the big boys the Phil 2500/5000. We had a viable business opportunity to expand into the packaging market, and we took it! Scayl was born!

After building a website and a lot of hard graft with branding, we now have a full time dedicated sales team who sell our machines all over the world, offering the packaging solution that was so sorely missing when we started looking. We exhibited at Pro2Pac earlier in the year, and are at PPMA in a couple of months.

If our solutions are too small scale for you, then we have partnered with PFM and Swisspack, so we can truly offer you the full service and care you and your business deserves. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just give us a call on 01748 349112, and we will be happy to help! Alternatively, drop us an email on hello@scayl.co.uk