What Are Our Top 5 FAQ's Asked By Customers?

1) How fast can it pack compared to doing it by hand?

On average our machines can improve packing speeds by 35%. This is very much an average and depends on your ingredients, however, it isn’t unusual for our machines to increase packing efficiency by 100-200%.

2) How much can you put in the top hopper?

With our largest machines, the Phil 2500 and Phil 5000, we can load the top hopper with 10-15kg of product, depending on what you are packing. If you then add the hopper extender you can load up to 40kg of product into the machine.

3) Are they reliable, "what happens if something goes wrong?"

We offer a 12-month warranty as standard with every machine, and we are so confident in our machines, we even now offer extended warranties. We have our sales team on hand to help, should you have any issues, just call us on 01748 349112 or email hello@scayl.co.uk and they will be more than happy to help. We also carry replacement parts, and several aftersales packages, so you can entirely rest assured that you will be looked after, long after you buy one of our machines.

4) Are they easy to use?

We pride ourselves on our before, and after-sales care. Before placing your order with us, you can send us your product and we will film it being passed through the machine, and pre-program the machine to suit your product perfectly. Then, when your machine gets to you, you just plug in and go! Couldn’t be more straightforward. We also send an instruction manual with each machine, and again, have our team on call to answer any questions that may arise.

5) Will it pack my ingredients though?

Our machines can pack powders, granules, grains, herbs, spices, beans, tea and confectionary, among many others! We will always test a product, before we sell you a machine, to make sure that you are getting the right machine to suit your business needs. We are also a team of problem solvers and have been known to develop solutions for a more bespoke service, all you have to do is ask!

Similarly, we have various solutions to dispense into smaller packaging. We have a range of bespoke chutes that can accommodate a range of different packaging. The Seal 1000 is compatible with the majority of industry type food packaging. Getting it right for your business means adjusting the temperature and the speed in order to get a nice seal on your packaging. Some bags need a faster setting with a lower heat, thicker bags need a slower speed with higher heat.

So, maybe our next development should be a range of superhero capes to put on our machines, and perhaps our sales team!