Who is your target audience?


When building a business, or developing one, identifying your Target Audience (TA) is a key to inevitable success. The information is the foundation of all aspects of your company, leading to strategic marketing, product placement, brand identity, product packaging and many more. Even though we know the importance of Target Audience identification, what exactly is a TA? The term is used in reference to a collection of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that your company hopes to serve. Similar to that of a buyer persona, yet only real.

It is critically important to choose the right target audience for each of your product groups. Ford targets most of it's cars at individuals that want a fantastic, reliable and affordable car that can get them from A-to-B. But, the Ford GT supercar is targetted at enthusiasts with a passion for fast cars and who can afford a car priced upwards of £500,000.

What should your Target Audience actually look like?

A very frequently asked question, though one that consists of no fixed answer. As every company is different, so are the vast majorities of Target Audiences.  It is impossible to inform you of the fixed mold that a person should fit into, but you can begin by understanding your target audience and creating a persona. What books will they read, where do they work, what car do they drive, how many holidays do they take a year and to where? All of this will help you shape and understand them, and where to find them. 

But what if you don’t know how to identify your TA?

Truthfully, you’ll never be 100% sure on who exactly your Target Audience is, but that is business as the market constantly changes so does your TA, though psycho graphics and demographics are always excluded from the economical changes. There are a variety of ways to identify your TA, the most success is a simple questionnaire. The ideal questionnaire consists of 20 strategic questions varied in style, that will allow for an in-depth look into the mind and lifestyle of your TA. Always remember that in terms of collecting data for the consolidation of your Target Audience, qualitative data reigns supreme. It allows for the most valid look into the person and provides significantly high levels of rich data when compared to quantities questions.

How can we help?

We know that building/developing a business can be horrific at times, a real struggle. That’s why if you're experiencing difficulty when identifying your Target Audience and how to market to them, get in touch via phone or email. We will work out very hardest to explore all opportunities available and work together to put those foundations into place. We want to help you scayl and conquer!