We're giving away £1000

We're giving away £1000

Dave Martin |



When Boris put the UK into lockdown, we put all of our sales targets and plans on hold. We just didn’t think a packing or sealing machine would be on the top of the business shopping list, but how wrong could we have been! 

We have broken sales records every month since, as businesses reached out to us in desperate need to increase their production capabilities. Businesses like Haighs Bakery started offering baking kits and needed a machine to help keep up. As we now face a potential second wave, we wanted to offer one lucky business the chance to win £1000 to use to buy a Scayl sealing or packing machine.  

How to enter?
To enter all you need to do is suggest 3 businesses that you think will benefit from one of our packing or sealing machine. These may be competitors you respect, or companies you know. We want to help as many businesses as we can and in return, you may get a chance to win a £1000 for your good deed!

Winner announced on 15th September 2020, good luck!