Why now is the time to invest in a machine

Why now is the time to invest in a machine

Dave Martin |

Your reaction to what is happening may be to panic, fear and worry. Your perfect 2020 business plan now needs to change. It is natural in times of crisis to play to avoid losing, instead of playing to win.

But, as the old business saying goes, those who innovate survive, those who don’t, get left at the side. So, now might be the perfect time to be thinking about how you can thrive, instead of how to survive.

For those adopting this mindset, it's now the perfect time to consider a Scayl machine. Here’s why:

1) A mobile factory
Our machines are effectively portable factories that you can set up in an office, a front room or a shed. Imagine that potential! Once you finished using them, put them in a cupboard until you need it next. Your business can continue with minor setbacks. All our machines can work with a wide variety of items that can also be easily stored in a cupboard. So, the perfect solution if your team are working from home - now they can pack!

2) Time saver
With everything that is happening, you might have limited resources and trying to focus your time on the most important activities for your business. Take a look at our calculator and you will see that our machines will save your business hundreds of hours each month. Time is money, so this converts into significant savings and means most of our machines will repay themselves within three months.

3) Expand your business potential
Most of the businesses we talk to are packing ingredients by hand, so bring your packing into the 21st century with our state of the art packing machines. Forget filling your ingredients by hand or using expensive or unreliable third-party fulfillers, our machines let you take full control over your packing so you can really Scayl. Our machines are faster than packing by hand, more accurate and will help speed up your production. At this time, it also provides a great way to assure your customers of cleanliness and protection.

4) An extra pair of hands
Sometimes employees are off sick or can’t come to work. Whilst you can wish them a speedy recovery, you can do so safe in the knowledge that our packing machine will pick up the slack.

When you have reduced staff, the machines can offer a temporary replacement, so your production flow does not have to slow down. After they return, you then have a much stronger workforce than before, thanks to our machine increasing your capacity. Your team can then focus more energy on growing your business, instead of wasting time packing ingredients. 

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