Why we now offer Finance...

Why we now offer Finance...

Sophie Grufferty |

For any growing business, cash flow is always a worry and potential issue. Finding the lump sum needed to purchase a vital piece of equipment necessary for growth, can be tricky, but never fear we have the solution.

We have decided to offer customers a finance option. This means that we can tailor-make a package just for you, using one of over 100 industry finance lenders, with your choice of the monthly repayment, deposit and time frame. What is not to love!

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With the monthly savings in time and efficiency that our machines offer your business (verify this with our ROI Calculator), with a finance option, the savings tally with the costs, and therefore make it way more viable to ‘scayl’ up your business in a much shorter time frame.

Check out our repayment calculator here, and as always, we have a dedicated team ready to help walk you through our machines and discuss your payment options.

Call us on 01748 349 112 to discuss the best options for you.