Treat Kitchen

"Scayl machines increased our production capacity by 35% which helped us secure an order from a major supermarket and a listing in 292 stores" 
Treat Kitchen

Solution Purchased
Phil 2500 | Seal 1000

The Treat Kichen Story
TTK Confectionery are progressive innovators in the world of packaged confectionery and gifting. They strive to constantly create new and exciting products the confectionery industry has never seen before and they are now home to over 300 different delicious products suitable for all taste buds and dietary requirements.

Their in-house design team are continually carrying out trend research to make sure they are always ahead of the game. They look to the worlds of flavour, packaging and pattern to ensure that their products not only taste great but look unique and fantastic too.

The Problem

TTK reached out as they needed to speed up their production speed. At the time they were hand packing over 300 varieties of sweets into different packaging and jars, utlising a team of 7 people. It was time consuming and inefficient. 

The Solution
TTK purchased a two Phil 2500's and a Seal 1000 which increased their production capacity overnight by 25-35% across all their product ranges. Our machine demonstrated huge upside for them, due to how versatile it was and its ability to work with a variety of their sweets. We offered their team in depth training and taught them how to easily change the systems settings to work with different ingredients on the fly. So now, each morning the machines are optimised for the type of sweet they will be packing.

On one range they increase production from 200 to 350 filled glass jars per hour, which was instrumental to them securing an order from a major supermarket and listings in 292 of their stores.