pack your product faster

With our dedicated range of packing and sealing machines for fudge products.


With our packing and sealing machines we can speed up your production by over 40%


On average, our machines cover their own costs within 3-6 months, with the time you save on production.

TRusted by the fudge industry

Our machines are used by the fudge industry all over the world who rely on them for fudge production.


Our machines work right out of the box, just plug them in and go!

RECOMMENDED fudge Packing Machine

We sell a range of fudge filling and weighing machines specifically for the fudge industry. Just load your fudge into the top hopper, set your desired weight and our filling machine will dispense the exact amount into your preferred packaging until you tell it to stop. They are easy to use, maintenance-free, and work out of the box.

RECOMMENDED fudge Sealing Machine

Once your fudge has been packed, do those bags need sealing? We’ve got you covered. Our fudge sealing machine range offers vertical sealing and horizontal sealing. A continuous heat sealing machine keeps the fudge fresher for longer and gives your product a clean, professional finish. Simply load your bag into the machine and it will move along the belt providing continuous heat sealing at up over 24 meters per minute.

Packing and Sealing Machines for Fudge

Packing and Sealing Machines for Fudge
Packing and Sealing Machines for Fudge

Our range of fudge sealing and fudge packing machines are built specifically for the fudge industry. We sell our machines to customers all over the world to help them speed up their fudge production.

When starting a fudge company, most owners don't invest in machinery from the outset, instead packing their fudge ingredients by hand. As they begin to grow this method is not scalable and this is where our range of fudge filling machines and continuous heat sealing machines come in.

Dozens of companies using our fudge weight packing machines and sealers are already benefitting from:

✓ Increased productivity levels
✓ Streamlined packing processes
✓ Speedy return on investment – less than 3 months in many cases.