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Returns for items from the LIN or MAX range are non-refundable.
Returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
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We strongly recommend consulting with a member of our team before purchasing an item. Our experts can provide guidance on whether a particular machine will suit your product.
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Scayl Trade-In Guarantee

At Scayl, we are committed to supporting your growth. That's why we offer an exclusive Trade-In Guarantee for our valued customers. If you purchase a Phil or Seal machine and your production needs outgrow your current equipment within three years, you can trade it in for a new solution. Here’s how it works:

Trade-In Values

Year 1: Trade in your Phil or Seal machine for 80% of its original purchase value.
Year 2: Trade in your Phil or Seal machine for 60% of its original purchase value.
Year 3: Trade in your Phil or Seal machine for 40% of its original purchase value.

For Refurbished Phil or Seal Machines

Year 1: Trade in for 50% of its original purchase value.
Year 2: Trade in for 40% of its original purchase value.
Year 3: Trade in for 30% of its original purchase value.

Important Details
★ Eligibility: The trade-in guarantee applies only to Phil or Seal machines purchased directly from Scayl, not via a reseller or eBay.
★ No Cash Value: The trade-in value has no cash equivalent and can only be applied towards a new solution of higher value.
★ Initial Purchase Price: The trade-in value is based on the initial purchase price, not the current market price.
★ Trade-In Period: The date of purchase is considered the starting point for calculating the applicable trade-in year.
★ Machine Condition: Machines must be in working order. Non-working machines can be traded in but will be assessed by our engineers to determine repair costs, which will be deducted from the trade-in value.
★ Postage Costs: Customers are responsible for the postage costs when sending their machines back to Scayl. 
 Cleanliness: Machines must be returned free from any foodstuff or debris. A cleaning fee will be applied if machines are returned in unclean condition.
 Condition Requirements: Machines must be free from any protruding damage, sharp parts, and modifications to the power supply or internal components.
★ Bundles: are eligible for trade-in, but please contact a team member to confirm details, as the trade-in value will be adjusted to reflect the overall discount applied when purchasing machines as part of a package. Only Phil or Seal machines qualify for trade-in; this offer does not extend to other machines, postage, furniture, or accessories.

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Our Phil™ 5000 is perfect for larger companies looking to pack dry ingredients between 15g-5000g. Its larger motor and hopper capacity means it is a lot faster and works better with companies that need a more efficient packing solution. This machine will save you time, reduce product waste, improve dispensing accuracy and lower the risk of contaminants in your product. In most instances, the machine will repay itself within the first month. We’ve got a great discount bundle with extra parts, so if you’re looking to invest in a machine – now is the time to do it!

The Pro Seal™ Vertical is a compact vertical belt sealer with a modern design. On this clever tabletop model, pre-made bags are sealed standing up, ideal for powder, liquid or solid products that would spill when lying flat. All operating parameters are controlled by a digital control panel, including an automatic cool-down function.

You’ll get:

All for the discounted price of £13,249.99. That’s a huge discount of over £1700!

*For delivery outside of the UK we will put the cost of UK delivery towards international delivery, the difference must be met by the customer which may result in an altered price.


Phil™ 5000 Pro Bundle

Suitable For


Hopper Capacity














Control Panel




Water Resistancy


Packing Line-Connected


Automatic Learning Function


Tool-Free Release


Packing Range

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