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Our Pro Range are machines that have gone through additional design and development to meet much stricter quality standards and are built with higher-grade materials to meet the requirements of companies with more industrial uses.

The Seal™ Pro is a continuous band sealer that can vacuum & gas flush then seal bags & pouches at speeds up to 800ft per minute.

The Seal™ Pro is manufactured in the USA and has a rugged design and stainless steel construction and will hermetically seal a wide variety of metalized, paper, tyvek & other plastic materials and also a variety of bag styles.

It is suitable for 24/7 operation in a wide range of demanding industries. The Seal™ Pro's exact speed depends on the bag and product but typical speeds are 10-20 bags per minute.

The sealing process includes easy-to-use digital controls for the temperature and speed and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of materials, ensuring reliable seals.

It is available in a variety of models including the Pro GF which includes a nitrogen gas flush.

✔ Maximum Speed of 800" per minute
✔ Capable of handling bags up to 22" tall
✔ Flow right to left flow standard
✔ Pressure Roller for better sealing
✔ Detachable seal module for quicker bag changeovers
✔ Rugged control box construction
✔ Crank wheel height adjustment
✔ Rugged reinforced caster mounts
✔ Industrial grade gearbox
✔ Direct drive, no timing belts
✔ USA manufactured controller and motors