Equipment You Need to Run a Coffee Business

Equipment You Need to Run a Coffee Business

Dave Martin |

Equipment needed to run a coffee business

Coffee, Espresso, and Beverage Equipment

Espresso Machine
The first step for any independent coffee shop is sourcing coffee beans that will give your coffee a distinct coffee profile, a fresh flavour that will define your brand. The second step is choosing an espresso machine that is multi-purposeful, a machine that is versatile in its abilities, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos etc. This piece of equipment not only matters for the visual aesthetic of the coffee shop itself but also the focal point of your brand's product execution. When implementing an Expresso machine, we recommend using a brand new machine, an extremely worthwhile investment.

Espresso Grinder
Grinding your beans is the core part of any coffee operation.  Data shows that grinding your coffee beans even 10 minutes before brewing can seriously affect the flavour and brewing profile of the bean, so grinding your beans fresh is always best. But why? Grinding your coffee beans not only increases surface area for brewing practically but also allows the bean to release its natural rich oils and dissolvable particles catering for the desired flavour profile. Grinding the beans too early can cause these rich oils and dissolvable particles to be ruined, leading to a less desirable cup of coffee.

Coffee Brewers
Whilst a regular coffee brewer should be sufficient in an average coffee shop, the variety is endless. We recommend starting with a smaller coffee brewer that can do the job for you whilst you settle up, then with experience and valid knowledge in the brewing and serving of coffee, take it a step up. Remember, when it comes to coffee brewers, invest wisely. In some cases, they can be the make or break for the shop.

Decanters, Airpots, and Satellite Servers
If you’re wanting to provide a “self-service” section in your coffee shop, a choice of decanters must be considered. With most coffee shops using glass decanters, for your “self-service” section, using airpot and satellite brewers are more beneficial as they keep the coffee hot for longer.

Coffee Small wares and Beverageware

Espresso Tampers
This is potentially the most invisible item for a customer in the coffee world. An espresso tamper is a handheld small tool that is used to compress the ground espresso beans prior to putting them into the coffee machine for brewing. This part is imperative for achieving an idealistic expresso shot, ensuring the grind is packed perfectly to drain it off all its flavour and caffeine value. To achieve the perfect compaction of your espresso grind, repeated circular compression is best.  

Frothing Pitchers
A unique piece of equipment required for executing speciality drinks, a frothing pitcher is used in conjunction with the steam wand on your espresso machine to foam milk. Specially designed for creative control over adding milk to expresso’s allowing a more visually aesthetic cup profile.

Measuring Cups and Spoons
Creating a cup of coffee is like baking a cake, too much milk in Americano and It can be interpreted as a Latte. Not enough coffee in an Espresso and it could be likened to Americano. Not only will this allow for a steady production line of good quality coffees, but from a business side, it reduces your daily waste output utilising your revenue implication.

Frothing Thermometers
No one like un-frothed milk on a Cappuccino, or cold milk in a Latte. A Frothing Thermometer is a sneaky tool to help when it comes to precise temperature monitoring. A skilled barista will understand the boiling and frothing point of milk, so can work accordingly.  

Espresso Cups

Due to the concentrated small quantity feature of an expresso, serving it in a large mug would not only look silly, but be pointless. Expresso cups are designed to hold 1 oz. expresso shot, or 2 oz. if a double. You wouldn’t serve a coffee out of a shoe, so why serve an expresso ion anything else?

Coffee Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

Coffee Equipment Cleaners & Coffee Pot Cleaners
The real secret to an efficient coffee machine is the cleaning process, a job as important as the coffee itself. Coffee machines, mainly those that are commercially used, must be cleaned every night to prevent the build-up of coffee debris and prevent any debris in the machine from going stale. A proper clean of your equipment and machines includes but isn’t limited to: wiping down spray heads and external parts, thoroughly washing any removable parts and doing internal cleaning runs, all help extend the life of your machine. When cleaning your machine, make sure to good cleaners and sanitisers that are food safe.

Espresso Equipment Cleaners
Similar to the above section on cleaning your machine, you must also clean your commercial expresso machine every night, backflushing with a specialized cleaner is the recommended method. Ensuring you soak portafilters and baskets at least once a week of the same cleaner and water as required.

Filling Machine 
Phil™ is our state of the art weighing* and filling machines. Simply load your ingredients into the top of the hopper, enter your desired weight and it will automatically fill your ingredients and dispense the exact amount in a matter of seconds, time and time again until you ask it to stop. We have four machines that can all pack up to 300g, 500g, 2500g and 5000g in a single dispense. 

Sealing Machine
A state-of-the-art automatic continuous sealing machine that can be used to heat seal a variety of bags (plastic, aluminium, PE, PP, laminations or compound) which are typically used in industries like food, agriculture, chemicals and medicine.